Black Obsidian + Charcoal Facial Scrub
Make your skin feel soft & pure with this deep facial scrub! Made with sugar to exfoliate, BLACK OBSIDIAN + CHARCOAL will assist in cleansing toxins from your pores, leaving you with fresh feeling skin. Charged with a Black Obsidian...
$26.00 $18.20
Amethyst + Lavender Toner Mist
This plant-based, chemical-free face toner is made with only natural ingredients that leaves dull skin feeling and looking radiant.  Made from fresh lavender infused water Amethyst crystal for that healthy glow inside and out Witch hazel for acne, blemishes and...
$22.00 $15.40
Celestite + Grapefruit Oil Cleansing Oil
Celestite is a beneficial healing crystal that increases its potential when combined with grapefruit oil. This Celestite + Grapefruit Oil Cleansing Oil is formulated to achieve all its hidden benefits and restore balance to the face. It will calm and uplift...
$32.00 $22.40
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