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Soap Sampler Set
Delight your senses with our exquisite Soap Sampler Set. This exquisite set includes four one-ounce bars of our premium soaps, presented in a luxurious sliding sleeve. Each set is finished with a bouquet of wildflowers, making it the perfect token...
Flora Bath Melts
A variety of solid, moisturizing bars that melt into skin upon application. Massage into skin for soothing dry skin, or drop into a warm bath for a nourishing aromatherapeutic experience. Kit includes 6 different scents and colors. Each is made...
Gift Set of 5 Shower Steamers/Fizzies
This gift set includes: 5 big shower steamers cubes scented with Essential Oils - (Lavender, Citrus/Grapefruit, Lemongrass, Mint, Eucalyptus). Beautifully packaged, this all-natural handmade set makes this a unique gift for Bridesmaids gift, Mother’s Day, Birthday, Holiday, or just because....
Citrus Spa Gift Set
After working hard all week and taking care of your family and loved ones, it’s now time that someone else will take care of you. Perfect as a self-indulgence or for letting someone else know you think they deserve a...
Sea Salt Grapefruit Signature Candle
The tang of sea salt, black pepper, and ripe grapefruit is balanced by dew drop accords and tarragon, for a fragrance like summer by the sea. The candles are hand-poured with perfume-grade fragrance oils and a high quality soy wax...
Christmas Soy Candle
Our Christmas soy candle is all the memories of past and present, into one candle. Close your eyes to remember waking up on Christmas morning, the scent of fresh cut Christmas tree while apple cider and cinnamon invokes your senses....
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Kai *Rose Skylight Candle
If you love the Rose*Kai fragrance, fill your home with the scent from this slow-burning candle crafted with an all-natural proprietary blend of soy and coconut wax.  It will fill the room with the aura of kai’s intoxicating scent of...
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Lavender & Orange Soy Candle
Create an alluring ambiance with this long-lasting and eco-friendly lavender & sweet orange essential oil infused candle made from soy wax. Soy candles are vegetable rather than petroleum based. They burn at a slower and cooler rate. The benefits include...
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Sugar Cookies Soy Candle
Our Sugar Cookie Soy Candle will have you dreaming of when you were little making cookies for Santa! Break out the icing and those cookie cutters, as this scent will take you back to Christmas's past. SCENT NOTES: + Top:...
Lavender Body Wash
We blend our lavender oil with an organic base soap to both cleanse and refresh. Rough or chapped skin will fade into your past if you make this cleanser part of your regular routine. 8oz Clean, fresh skin just makes...
Heart Shower steamer - Lavender
No time for a bath? This beautiful heart-shape shower fizzie will fill your show with the relaxing aroma of lavender.  A bestseller! Lavender scented with rose petals. How to Use: Using one of Lizush Shower Steamers is as simple as it gets, place...
White Small Safety Matches - Apothecary Jar
Our stylish safety matches are the perfect complement to any space. Modern, chic, and rustic in design, they are perfect for any room - from your bedroom to living room, bathroom, and more. They make the perfect gift alongside one...
Merry and Bright Soy Candle
You put on your boots, warm coat and scarf - all ready to find the perfect Christmas tree. As you look around, you notice so many choices - cypress, balsam, fir. SCENT NOTES: + Top: Bayberry + Middle: Clove, Nutmeg,...
Warm and Cozy Soy Candle
Our Warm and Cozy soy candle will take you to a place by a warm fire, with cozy blankets, in your PJ's, enjoying the scents of the season. With notes of pine, orange, cinnamon, cypress, and fir. Infused with natural...
Anti Age Set
100% Natural. Power Set helps to eliminate fine wrinkles, improve skin’s elasticity and tone. It helps to restore your skin’s healthy-looking radiance. The blend of active botanical ingredients, vitamins C and E, antioxidants and oils stimulates the skin’s innate regenerative...
Cannabliss Candle
Cannabliss, a mature synergy of cannabis, patchouli, and sandalwood. Notes of pear and oak moss add freshness to this enlightened aroma.  100% Pure Soy Candle White Glass Tumbler Jar 60 Hours Burn Time (Approximately) Cotton-Core Self Trimming Single Wick Free...
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The Essential Wellness Essential Oil Diffuser-White
100% BPA Free | 7 Colors & 4 Timer Settings | Auto Shut-Off | 300ml Capacity ADVANCED ULTRASONIC OIL DIFFUSER – Breaks down water and essential oils into extremely fine micro-particles without using heat, ensuring the integrity of the essential oils and allowing...
Essential Oil Trio
Trio of essential oils (lemon, lavendar and peppermint).
Sweet Orange Essential Oil
Essential oil | sweet orange - Italy (10ml) - 100% Pure, Natural & Therapeutic Quality - Sweet orange essential oil (citrus Sinensis) from Italy has a rich, fresh citrus scent. This unpretentious orange oil is used in aromatherapy to create...
Eucalyptus Radiata Essential Oil
Essential oil | Eucalyptus - Australia (10ml) - 100% Pure, Natural & Therapeutic Our Eucalyptus essential oil (eucalyptus Radiata) is grown in Australia where it is steam-distilled from the fresh leaves of the tree. The essential oil of eucalyptus radiata is colorless to...
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