Cell Revive Collagen

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Technologically advanced serum is a complete collagen solution, formulated to support skin’s natural collagen building process, while assisting in stimulating new collagen formation. Collagen Complete utilizes clinically proven proprietary lab engineered non-animal, single strand soluble collagen, resulting in fuller, plumper looking skin immediately and over time.
Award winning ingredient, Neodermyl, steps up collagen production, delivering results equivalent to one injection of collagen filler.*
Soluble collagen, a unique laboratory produced building block of collagen, adds usable protein to the cellular matrix of the skin to attract water and plump skin’s appearance, while also increasing the long term formation of dermal collagen for reduction of wrinkle appearance and improvement in skin firmness.
Single strand pre-collagen peptides aid in the renewed production of new collagen formation for firmer, smoother looking skin.*
Clinically proven botanicals help stimulate collagen growth and epidermal cell renewal, similarly to retinol, without the irritation and sensitivity.*
Users reported a reduction in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.*