The Roses Face Serum
No other flower has been exalted in history and used for so many sacred purposes than the rose. Ideal for dry, parched skin, inflamed, sensitive, fine lines and is an excellent emollient for softening and hydrating the skin. 50ml/1.7oz The...
Sans Age Face Serum
Botanical Therapeutic Actions: Highly anti-inflammatory with the ability to increase cellular regeneration. 50kml/ 1.7oz SKIN CHALLENGES | normal, sensitive, inflamed skin, ideal for skin that needs to be calmed down and regenerated. BOTANICAL THERAPEUTIC ACTIONS | highly anti-inflammatory, lymph mover, tonic, emollient...
Sans Age Hydrolat
A hydrolat contains all of the healing matrix contained in the botanical to create a substance of healing. These liquids are full of healing therapeutic properties. HELICHRYSUM FLOWER WATER | Mediterranean in the aroma a powerful anti­-inflammatory and mild analgesic properties, and detoxifying...
Blossom Face Serum
Intense antioxidant powerhouse with hydrating and anti­ aging abilities. Healing and rejuvenating effect on the skin assisting in combating free radical damage. 50ml/1.7oz SKIN CHALLENGES | sensitive, redness, combination, dull burnt out skin. A great universal skin tonic to combat environmental...
The Roses Hydrolat
Botanical Therapeutic Actions: Organic Ecocert floral water, a humectant of rose adds and retains moisture. Combined with rock rose creates an anti-wrinkle treatment. Balancing effects on the endocrine system to help regulate hormones. 100ml/3.4oz Skin Challenges: dry parched skin, inflamed,...
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