Beauty shouldn’t be a dirty word, but yet mass-market, big-brand products are loaded with toxic ingredients. We carry brands and products that are fully researched and vetted to ensure they are free of toxic ingredients.

Clean does not mean sacrificing performance. As we age, our skin changes and needs different solutions. From reversing the signs of aging, calming rosacea or adult acne, we’ve got you covered.

We scour the industry to find the most luxurious-feeling products that make you look great and give a sense of well-being. Give yourself that 30 seconds of luxury every morning and take on the world with confidence.

Our products are heavily researched and selected for unique qualities that show results and have meaning. They are the best of independent beauty where makers can be true to their vision and deliver quality products.


From The Founder


It eventually happens to all of us. There is one moment, perhaps a glance in the rearview mirror of your car, or at a store, or even a stranger’s comment - at some point after turning 40, there is a moment where suddenly you see things that weren’t there yesterday. A gray hair, a fine line, crepey skin, chronic eye puffiness, or random sunspots popping up - suddenly ‘age’ is upon us.

We have been way too busy climbing corporate ladders, raising families and generally ruling the world to spend a whole lot of time on our beauty routines.  Suddenly we have a moment to take a longer look in the mirror and feel like we may need a pick-me-up.

At about 45 I realized I was ready to step up my beauty game and get a bit more serious about ‘fine-tuning.’



Becoming frustrated with the industry’s lack of dialog with women over 40, the chaotic and  unhelpful or high-pressure experience of shopping for beauty products at the mall, and the uninspired utilitarian approach to grabbing something at the drugstore - I realized I wanted and needed something different. 

I wanted a ‘best of’ selection of products. I wanted trusted recommendations from women in my age range dealing with my same concerns and I wanted someone to tell me how to use all of these products.

With that list, I set out to find more meaningful products that are geared to the needs of maturing skin. My path led to the discovery of exciting, emerging, independent (indie) brands that are non-toxic (because why should we use toxic beauty products?!) yet show big results. 

I hope you find Aurea Beauty to be the much-needed resource to discover the best products, as well as a place to find real information about the things we face as we get older. 


XOXO Jocelyn 

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